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Dawn + Brandon - NYC FIre Museum

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

In alot of ways, Dawn + Brandon's wedding at the NYC Fire Museum in Soho was my ideal wedding to photograph: lots of time for portraits in a beautiful location beforehand, a brief ceremony, delicious food, and then just a big party with great music (their band, The Dream Team from NYCswing, was by far the best music I've heard at a wedding). The flowers at the reception were beautiful, and I especially liked the use of real grass on the centerpieces to reference Brandon's favorite sport, golf. Also, Dawn + Brandon were one of the most naturally photogenic couple's I've ever photographed, I barely had to give them any direction! Check out some of my favorites below:

Dawn's Makeup: Amy Kernahan Decor: Thomas Anderson

Dawn writing her vows at the last minute!

  1. Blogger kapcity said:

    Just found your blog via brooklyn bride who featured your photography. I am blown away! I will keep you in mind for any future events :)

  1. Blogger Tracy said:

    Hi- I really like your photography. I will be in touch for a few weddings I am planning. I would like to get in touch with the bride Dawn in the pictures above- specifically I'd like to find out who her makeup artist was. If you could forward my note or send me an email, I'd appreciate it.

  1. Blogger Robert Sukrachand said:

    Hey Tracy I'm not sure how to contact you so why don't you send me an email to info[at]sukrachand.com and I'll provide you some info.

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